Queen Mary and King Frederik pose for snaps together (2024)

Queen Mary and KingFrederik joinedQueen Margrethein Fredensborg today ahead of her birthday celebrations, after they appeared frosty with each other on a family skiing trip over Easter.

The royal couple, Queen Margrethe and her sister, Princess Benedikte, posed outside the royal residence alongside Margrethe's beloved sausage dogTilia, who was also in attendance.

The family celebrated privately at Fredensborg Castle, a setting used for important events in the family such as weddings, silver wedding anniversaries and birthdays.

Queen Mary and King Frederik, Queen Margrethe and her sister, Princess Benedikte, posed outside Fredensborg Castle today alongside Margrethe's beloved sausage dog Tilia

The couple, pictured outside the royal residence forMargrethe's birthday, chose to displaysartorial solidarity by wearing blue, amid rumours of marital strife in recent months

Mary, 52, put her best fashion foot forward and opted for a baby blue jacket, along with a brooch, which she fastened to the left of her chest.

It is theJubilee brooch, which was crafted byGeorg Jensen to celebrateMargrethe's 50 years on the Danish throne.

Queen Margrethe is pictured wearing the brooch in official portraits that the Danish royal palace released ahead of her birthday.

Mary opted for navy blue suit trousers and a blouse, along with matching pointed heels and slipped her brunette tresses into a practical ponytail.

The new Queen looked elegant, opting for simple dangly diamond earrings and chose to wear natural makeup today.

Princess Benedikte also donned a blue blouse and patterned knee-length skirt along with a modest blazer and matching pearl jewellery.

Margrethe cut a sophiscated figure as she sported a matching navy blazer with a conservative midi skirt.

QueenMargrethe smiles alongside her beloved pup as she greets royal fans outside Fredensborg Castle ahead of festivities of her 84th birthday

KingFrederik, Queen Mary andPrincess Benedikte all donned blue, whereasMargrethe opted to wear red and white

The former paired this with a red and white patterned blouse, which she tucked into her skirt and completed the look with black buckled heels.

King Frederik, 55, looked dapper in a charcoal grey plaid suit which he paired with a crisp white shirt and polished brown shoes.

The pair, who took over the Danish throne in January, stood next to each other, with Mary's hands by her side and Frederik's behind his back before they waved to crowds of royal fans.

The monarch opted for a sapphire blue tie, matching the same colour scheme as his wife in a display ofsartorial solidarity amid rumours of marital strife in recent months.

In November 2023, pictures of Crown Prince Frederick enjoying an evening out with Mexican socialite Genoveva Casnova sent shockwaves through Denmark.

In the photos, the royal and the former daughter-in-law of the billionaire duch*ess of Alba were seen walking through Madrid before heading to her apartment building, changing clothes and heading out again for the evening.

QueenMargrethe will celebrate her birthday privately with her family at Fredensborg Castle today

Queen Margrethe shared a touching moment with her son King Frederick as the family spent quality time together for her birthday

The royal seemed to be enjoying herself greatly at the private celebration on Tuesday

Margrethe's birthday provided an opportunity for the family to come together after a series of separate engagements

The publication of the photos resulted in Genoveva, 47, issuing a statement denying any kind of romantic relationship between herself and the royal and slamming the 'malicious' rumours.

In the past few weeks, Queen Mary has fuelled the rumour mill by completing a series of solo royal engagements without her husband.

On 3 April, the mother-of-four attended the 75th anniversary of the Home Guard's establishment at the Freedom Museum in Copenhagen.

Four days later, Queen Mary completed another solo engagement when she attended the opening of a deer park in Naerum.

On 9 April, Queen Mary stepped out without her husband again for a charity conference in Copenhagen.

King Frederik and Queen Mary's schedules appeared to overlap slightly at the start of the month when they welcomed different guests to Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen.

Last Friday, the official Instagram account for the Danish Royal Family shared two posts detailing Frederik and Mary's separate engagements.

Queen Mary and King Frederik appeared frosty with one another during a recent trip to Switzerland

'Malicious' rumours about Genoveva's friendship with then Crown Prince Frederik following their night out together (pictured) in Madrid in November

On the same day, pictures from the couple's skiing trip to Switzerland emerged, which did little to squash rumours of difficulties between the pair.

The couple appeared very frosty with one another during a March trip to Verbier, an exclusive ski resort in Switzerland.

Mary, 52, appeared impatient with Frederik, 55, as she turned her back to him while they got ready to take on the slopes.

Photos show Mary, who was the picture of ski chic in a wool and cashmere-blend jacquard turtleneck sweater from Moncler, looking away from her husband - while he stood defiantly with his hands on his hips.

The pair were joined by their four children, Crown Prince Christian, 18, Princess Isabella, 16, and 13-year-old twins, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine.

Queen Mary and King Frederik pose for snaps together (2024)
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