Department of Juvenile Services

Mission Statement: To transform young people’s lives, create safer communities, and forge more equitable systems through community-based

partnerships that hold youth accountable while building on their strengths and support systems.

Vision Statement: Providing pathways to success for youth and families through partnerships across Maryland.




DJS/Capital South Region - Largo Office

1100 Mercantile Lane

Largo, MD 20774

Main Purpose of Job

The main purpose of the Resource Specialist is to coordinate and advise in the placement process for youth who are under the jurisdiction of the Department of Juvenile Services. The Resource Specialist works directly with area staff regarding the needs of youth by providing expertise intreatment options, fiscal resources, availability of programs and program development; ensures that the provision of individualized services to youth are appropriate and efficient by identifying and procuring services that meet the needs of the youth in the least restrictive environment consistent with public safety and are fiscally responsible; participates in development of contracts, RFP's and solicitations, program development and program monitoring. This is a highly responsible position with multiple roles requiring contacts with all levels of administration within and outside of the department.


Education:A Bachelor’s degree in the social or behavioral sciences or criminal justice from an accredited four year college or university.

Experience: Two (2) years of experience providing case management services to emotionally or socially maladjusted, delinquent, victimized or exceptional juveniles in a community or residential setting.


1. Candidates may substitute possession of an Associate of Arts degree in the social or behavioral sciences or criminal justice from an accredited college or university and two (2) years of experience providing direct services to children in a community or residential setting for the required education.

2. Candidates may substitute possession of a Master’s degree in the social or behavioral sciences or criminal justice from an accredited college or university for one (1) year of the required experience.

3.Candidates may substitute U.S. Armed Forces military service experience as a commissioned officer in Social Servicesclassifications or Social Services specialty codes in the SocialScience, Psychology and Welfare field of work on a year-for-yearbasis for the required experience and education.


The ideal candidate for this position should possess any of the following:

  • Experience identifying service options and recommending expenditures for the treatment and care of juveniles under the jurisdiction of the Department of Juvenile Services
  • Experience with the DJS placement process
  • Experience developing contracts, requests for proposals, bid solicitations, and specifications, and negotiating with private vendors to procure services
  • Experience working with the ASSIST database system


This recruitment is limited to current Maryland Department of Juvenile Services (DJS) employees only.


Employees in this classification may be assigned duties which require the operation of a motor vehicle. Employees assigned such duties may be required to possess a motor vehicle operator’s license valid in the State of Maryland.


Please make sure that you provide sufficient information on your application to show that you meetthe qualifications for this recruitment. All information concerning your qualifications must be submittedby the closing date. We will not consider information submitted after this date. Successful candidates maybe ranked as Best Qualified, Better Qualified, or Qualified and placed on the eligible (employment) listfor at least one year. The resulting certified eligible list for this recruitment may be used for similarpositions in this or other State agencies.


The assessment will be a rating of your application based on your education, training, and experience as they relate to the requirements of the position. Therefore, it is essential that you provide complete and accurate information on your application. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Please report all related experience and education. For education obtained outside the U.S., you will be required to provide proof of the equivalent American education as determined by a Foreign Credential Evaluation service.

Please complete the supplemental questionnaire, if applicable. They will be used when rating applications. Please note that your answers on the supplemental questionnaire must correspond to the information provided on your application to receive credit. Missing supplemental questionnaires may affect application ratings.

If you are a Veteran applying for this position, please submit your DD 214 Long Form with your application to receive proper credit.



Online applications arehighlyrecommended. However, if you are unable to apply online, the paper application and supplemental questionnaire may be submitted to the address below, or fax a paper application and supplemental questionnaire to the fax number below. You must include on each page of the attachment your First and Last Name, the Recruitment Number that is located at the top of the bulletin and the last four (4) digits of your SS#. Paper application materials must be received in our office by the closing date for the recruitment. No postmarks will be accepted. Incorrect application forms will not be accepted.

Maryland Department of Juvenile Services

OHR-Recruitment & Examination Unit

217 E Redwood Street

Baltimore, MD 21202

Attn: Mr. Townes

Fax number 410-333-4188

TTY Users: call via Maryland Relay

Should additional information regarding this recruitment be required, please contact DJS Office of Human Resources at Include the Recruitment Title/Number that is located at the top of the bulletin.

As an equal opportunity employer Maryland is committed to recruiting, retaining and promoting employees who are reflective of the State’s diversity.

DJS values the experience gained by Veterans while serving our country. Veterans are welcome to apply for all current recruitments.

Bilingual applicants are welcome to apply for all recruitments.

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